Quarterly Reports

Assignments are collected in a bunch at the end of their respective units.  On exam day, the quarterly reports are due at the start of class.  QRs should be submitted in a binder or folder.  They will be given back to you after grading.  If class is online, they are due to Schoology.

Quarterly Report #1 -  

-Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt


-Econ U$A: Scarcity

-Friday Questions x3

-Case Study #1 (Artificial Scarcity)

-Radio Case Study #1 Selection

Quarterly Report #2 - (3/1 & 3/2)

-Econ U$A: Supply and Demand
-Econ U$A: Price Controls

-Supply and Demand Newspaper
-Case Study #2 (Shifting Demand for Foods)

-Radio Case Study #2 Selection

-Friday Questions x4

-VSE Snapshot #1 - PDF

Quarterly Report #3 - 

-Guess the Wage

-A Message From Our Sponsors
-Econ U$A: Labor

-The Persuaders

-Case Study #3 (Gang Wages)
-Radio Case Study #3 Selection

-Case Study #4 (Brand Failures)

-Radio Case Study #4 Selection

-Friday Question x3

-VSE Snapshot #2

Quarterly Report #4 - 

-Comparing GDP

-Chairman of the Fed

-Econ U$A: Keynes

-Econ U$A: Fiscal Policy

-Friday Questions x3
-The People's Pie Score

-The Fiscal Ship Plan Screenshot

-VSE Snapshot #3

Quarterly Report #5 - 

-Radio Case Study #5 Selection

-Case Study #5

-Friday Questions x4

-Mini Financial Plan

-EConsumer 2021
-Group Prospectus