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Free Agency - A novel

Observing the life of DJ Edwards, one could not be more confident in the lackluster state of affairs.  Once a rising star in the town, he is now little more than a bust to those that knew him - right back in the bedroom where he was raised.  The state of affairs are seriously shaken when an NBA superstar sweeps into town unnoticed during what may be the defining move of his career.  Told through archived sports articles and the narrative of one crazy extended weekend, surprises, dilemmas, disappointment and unfinished business await just about everyone.

The Tinyboots


(Books for young Readers)

Tinyboots the cat loves splashing in puddles, but it always gets her in trouble!  Join this happy-go-lucky feline as she makes friends, goes on adventures, and ends up in a series of puurfectly delightful predicaments.

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