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Watercolor Brush 4

Welcome to my website.  Navigate via the menu bar to the appropriate page you wish you visit.  Below are some things I'm doing/watching/listening to that you may find interesting.  Thanks for coming by and best wishes for a great day.

Video from my playlist...

My current bookshelf reads...


Photo from the Archives...


Thoughtful things to check out...

Sites you may enjoy...

Scott C - cartoonist and artist extraordinaire

FiveThirtyEight - Statistical analysis of everyday topics

Homestar Runner - Flash cartoons (that still work without flash!)

Douglas Rushkoff - Great thinker/writer on technology and the media

David Brooks - NYT columns from David Brooks

Pablo Cimadevilla - Master Jeweler

Abandoned America - Haunting photos of abandoned buildings

Scott Gairdner - Dope content producer/actor

Jelle's Marble Runs - Marble Madness

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